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World's thinnest LED: a thickness of only three atoms

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Although the development of LED has now become very thin, the pursuit of this "thin" by R & D personnel seems to have never ended. Recently, researchers from the University of Washington announced the world's thinnest LED-- thickness equal to 3 atomic. The thinner and foldable LED will play a crucial role in the development of portable collection electronic devices, the joint author Xu Xiaodong (Xiaodong Xu transliteration) said.

Researchers say that the thickness of the LED is 10 to 20 times that of the current LED, and it can also be folded, which will greatly increase its flexibility, and will also play a role in promoting the development of wearable devices in the future. In addition, because the LED is extremely thin, future researchers can use optical signals instead of the electrons used in some microcomputer chips, so as to increase their operational efficiency and reduce the heat generated during this process.