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What is the new selling point of LED lighting in the mass market?

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This week LED industry gold rush again, cross-border integration of wind, net explosive JDB herbal tea companies will cross into LED lighting, long depressed the Neoneon by Tsinghua Tongfang 900 million white, two quasi crystal electric investment LED packaging factory Edison and Weitian technology integration under full transition to prepare. The feast of the lighting is on the line. However, China's LED products play an embarrassing role in the American market.

In the recently held 2014 Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition (TILS), Taiwan ITRI director Liu Junting proposed on the LED lighting industry from production to design the "syllogism". He believes that if the industry wants to continue to glow and glow in the LED industry in the future, it must turn from the concept of mass production to the concept of design. After all, "smart lighting" emphasizes not "quantification", but a "feeling". It can be seen that the real implementation of the meaning of intelligent lighting is a very important trend in the future of LED industry.