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LED industry off-season trough, energy saving and environmental protection in the Highlands

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In March, the LED industry officially broke out of the "Spring Festival holiday syndrome", and began to climb from the bottom of the off-season, and began to prepare for the warm-up of the peak season. Taiwan area, EPISTAR, Everlight, Chan circle, Lunda, East Bay, Edison and other manufacturers have said rate will rise in March with its production capacity, operating performance is expected to be picked up. The apple stock, LED backlight and lighting needs stimulation, sapphire "up" the sound of four, however, insiders said that the current view of the overall market conditions, and South Korea Chinese substrate plant have a lot of spare capacity, limited space PSS substrate prices. From the government work report of the two sessions, we can see that the government is determined to carry out the energy saving and emission reduction. LED is expected to take the lead again in the east wind and become the leader of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry.